In My Home {Vintage} Mod Table Lamp

It’s embarrassing how long I’ve neglected the blog but here I am, easing back into the blogosphere.  I’ve had a very busy and exciting year with a major life change that has kept me occupied elsewhere.  The shop is still active but the blog, I’m afraid has suffered.  I thought I’d start by sharing a vintage addition to my homethis lovely bright orange table lamp.  I can’t stop looking at it. 😀

Verdibou_Vintage Orange Lamp

And there are two new lamps in the shop as well.  Click the photos below to go the listings!

Verdibou_Tall Orange Lamp 01


Verdibou_Bright Yellow Lamp 01


Color Theory: Orange

My living room has never been so cheerful!  Last weekend Verdibou purchased the coolest set of orange airport seats and they’ve been sitting in my living room all week.  Every night when I come home, I catch a glimpse of the bright orange and it makes me smile – partially because I think it’s funny that my living room looks like a bus station with all those seats but also because orange is such a fun, stimulating color.  I’m partial to the cooler end of the spectrum myself, gravitating towards greens and purples and grays…but having all this orange around me is a nice change of pace.

I looked up some of the color psychology of orange, and here are some of the words associated with the color:

Uplifting, Optimistic, Rejuvenates the Spirit, Brings Spontaneity and a Positive Outlook on Life

What a great color to have around!  Click on the photo to go to the listing.

Verdibou_Orange Airport Chairs 01

Tuesday’s Treasury {Christmas Decor}

So much cuteness in this Christmas treasury by Vanessa Sicotte!

‘Christmas decor’ by vsicotte

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Red Burlap Christmas Stockin…


Advent Calendar Bags – Chris…


custom christmas stocking : …


Holiday Wreath – Christmas, …


Wooden Christmas Ornaments K…


Mistletoe Holiday Garland. H…


Set of three geometric ornam…


Joy Christmas Phone Case – i…


Vintage Shiny Brite Ornament…


Pair of Vintage Christmas De…


Reindeer antlers pillowcase …


Christmas Pillow,Merry Chris…


Felted Ball Christmas Garlan…


Scandinavian Christmas Ornam…


Woodland Moose Christmas Orn…


Large Homespun Red and White…


Unconventional Gift Boxes for the Holidays

Since the gift-giving season is upon us, I’ve been re-imagining some of our Verdibou finds as gift boxes.  Although I love wrapping gifts in beautiful decorative papers with ribbons and bows, I also feel guilty because all that paper just ends up in the garbage!  I like the idea of just putting a ribbon on a gift or putting it in a re-usable gift bag.  But for that extra-special person, wouldn’t it be fun to have two gifts in one?  I’m thinking a cigar enthusiast would love opening this vintage stogies box to find a special present inside.  And then, the box can be used as storage for small keepsakes afterwards or some other purpose.  What do you think?  Do you have any ideas for other unconventional gift boxes?



Dutch Masters_06


When You’re Ready, Vintage Ornament Explosion @ Verdibou

I know no one is thinking about Christmas yet, although I did see some Christmas lights at Target this afternoon sneaking in behind the Halloween haunts.  But when you’re ready, Verdibou has a gaggle of lovely vintage ornaments listed in our Holiday Section on Etsy.  It’s kind of a sparkly, Christmas Explosion! Go check it out. 😉

Verdibou_Christmas Ornaments 02

Verdibou_Christmas Ornaments 03

Verdibou_Christmas Ornaments Blue Silver 02

DIY: Cast Iron Bench Revamp

About 6 years ago, my sister and I were rummaging through the loft of my grandfather’s barn, looking for treasures.  And I found this:

Verdibou_Iron Cat Bench Before

A quirky cast iron bench frame with two black cats fighting on a picket fence!  I knew it had potential so I snagged it, and sadly, it’s been awaiting it’s make-over ever since.  Hey, I’ve been busy the last 6 years, okay!  Before it made the journey out of storage in Kentucky to my new home of Florida, my awesome dad was kind enough to cut down a board to the size of the seat.  Thanks, Dad!  And then it sat in my house for a few months…I intentionally kept it visible and not hidden away so that I wouldn’t forget about it and finally a few weeks ago it was time to get out my sanding tools and buy some black spray paint.

Verdibou_Iron Cat Bench_ProgressVerdibou_Iron Cat Bench_Progress 2I finished it up today, first stapling some leftover batting for a little cushioning.  Then, ironing and wrapping some gray indoor/outdoor fabric around the seat.  It was a little tricky because the bolts were right in the way on both ends.  So, I tucked the fabric in as close as I could to the bolts and then wrapped the long edges as you would normally when upholstering a chair seat.  It took a little origami skills but it wasn’t anything too difficult.

Verdibou_Cast Iron Bench 07

Verdibou_Cast Iron Bench RevampAnd here it is!  I think it’s much happier now. 😉

Verdibou_Cast Iron Bench Final 02Verdibou_Cast Iron Bench Final 01

Enjoy this Labor Day Weekend!