VerdiBou’s Top 10 Ways to Use Vintage Luggage

Here at VerdiBou, we love finding vintage luggage when we go to auctions.  We’ve scored some pretty sweet pieces over the past two years, some of which have yet to be re-upholstered by yours truly and posted to our Etsy site…but many of them have been sold and used in some very interesting and creative ways.  So, I thought it would be fun to round up some ideas for re-using and styling vintage luggage.

Top 10 Luggage by Verdibou

#10: Medicine Cabinet/Towel Holder

As I was doing research, this idea shocked me the most.  I would never have thought of using a suitcase for this purpose, but it can actually turn out pretty cute.  Case in point:

{Vanity Towel Holder via Design Sponge, click on the photo for link and tutorial}

#9: Vintage Tablescape/Party Decor

Use vintage luggage to add variety to your dessert or food table at your next party!  Elevate cake stands to add height to your table or use it for displaying small appetizers or silverware.  I like this idea because you don’t have to destroy the nature of the suitcase, you can use it as is, and after the party you can put it back where it typically resides in your home.

{Vintage Airplane Party via Hostess with the Mostess, click on the photo for link}

{Burlap & Lace via Jenny Cookies, click on the photo for link}

#8: Picnic Basket

As part of our Fall 4 Me Collection last Autumn, we staged our Camel Samsonite Suitcase as a Picnic Basket.  It’s not a far cry from it’s intended purpose, after all, but something you might not think about.   Having items that can serve more than one function is key when trying to declutter your home and live with less.  Who needs a picnic basket AND a suitcase taking up space in a closet?

001_Fall 4 Me SuitcaseHere’s another suitcase turned picnic basket via Funky Time:

{Picnic Basket via Funky Time, click on the image for link and tutorial}

#7: Stationary Station

Contain your stationary to one place and make writing those thank you notes a delight. 🙂

{Stationary Suitcase via Inkspot Workshop, original website could not be found}

#6 Side Table/End Table

This might be the most popular and easiest way to use a vintage suitcase.  Stack ’em up and put them in a convenient location like beside your bed or next to your favorite chair…

{Suitcase Side Table via A Beach Cottage, click on image for link}

#5: Wedding Decor

We were excited to find out that the buyer of our Red Hat Box was going to use it in her wedding.  It seems she isn’t the only one with this great idea, there are many ways to use vintage suitcases as part of wedding decor – as table decoration, as the card holder at the gift table, or to hold flip-flops at an outdoor wedding.  The possibilities are endless!  Click on the image for a great post on “Destination Wedding Inspiration.”

{Luggage used at Weddings via Fly Away Bride}

# 4: Memory Box

Our very own Turquoise Samsonite Suitcase was featured on the buyer’s blog, Bluebird Kisses where she described how she was going to use the piece as a Memory Box for her young infant.  Such a sweet idea!

{Memory Box via Bluebird Kisses, click on the image for link}

#3 Storage/Toy Box/Magazine Holder

Okay, I said that #6 was the easiest but I think it’s this one.  With the side tables, you do have to put some thought into coordinating the suitcases so that they stack well and compliment the room decor.  When using a suitcase as storage – you just throw stuff in it and voila! Leave it out on a shelf, push it under your bed or tuck it into your closet.  It’s that simple – and so much prettier than a plastic bin.  Think magazines, books, photos, DVDs, toys…etc.

#2: Photo Prop

If you’re a photographer, or even a hobbyist photographer – you should try incorporating vintage luggage into your shots.  They add rustic charm, add whimsy and enhance travel themes.

{Photo Prop via VintageJoRay on Etsy, click on the image for link}

#1: Travel!

I saved the best for last!  Use your vintage luggage for traveling!  I know it sounds absurd but if it’s in good condition, why not?  You will look super stylish and it will stand out from the sea of black nylon business carry-ons.  Come on, you know you want to.

{Travel via My Monography on Etsy, click on the image for link}

For more ideas on how to use your old vintage luggage, check out my Pinterest Board Vintage Luggage!  There you’ll find a few ideas that didn’t make the Top 10 but are still noteworthy, like Speakers & a Charging Station!  Too cool.  And don’t forget to check our shop, we usually have at least one suitcase for sale at all times…currently it’s this lovely white American Tourister. 🙂 See you next time.

01_White Suitcase


So cool…

A couple of weeks ago we sold our turquoise suitcase to a lovely lady in Canada.  (That’s right, our first international sale!)  And today we got the neatest message from the buyer that said she’d received it, and loves it.  She left a link to her blog where she photographed it in it’s new home and described how she’s going to use it.  (No, it’s not to store her cute little baby in!)  Go check it out…it’s so sweet!

Introducing Fall 4 Me

Fall 4 Me is here!  Inspired by the Fall Season, this collection features warm earthy colors and dark wood tones.  Now that the weather is cooling off, we wanted to assemble the necessities for a picnic in the park…complete with a Samsonite suitcase that we think could be repurposed as a picnic basket! (We’re glad our first suitcase was a hit because we’ve got several more coming down the line…and we’re thinking of great new ways to use them! But, of course, you can always use them for traveling!)

My personal favorite of our latest collection are these Danish Modern Candlesticks.  It has taken all of my might not to keep them for myself!  I think they’d set the mood for a Fall romance…don’t you?

Head on over to the shop to check out the other goods.  😉

In the clouds

As we were assembling our first collection, Cloud 9 to 5, I couldn’t help but think of flying.  In particular, I kept thinking about the movie Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.  DiCaprio’s character impersonates a Pan Am pilot for a good portion of the movie, while the detective (Tom Hanks) continually searches for him.  At one point in the film, DiCaprio’s character walks right past detectives in an airport, camouflaged by a barrage of Pan Am flight attendants in a sea of blue and white uniforms.

The new commercials for Pan Am, the television show, have kept the brand (and the blue and white color scheme) on my mind.  Don’t you think our chair would have looked great in Pan Am’s corporate offices?  (P.S. We only have one chair left!)

It’s not just the color scheme that has me “in the clouds,” but now we have a new item that would be perfect on your next air travel adventure!  A turquoise Samsonite suitcase!  I’m really loving this find and I took great pride in reupholstering the interior.  The fabric I chose adds an unexpected pop of geometric goodness.  We’ll be posting it to our shop soon (along with the lamp and platter), so be sure to check back with us!