{In Images} Louie in the Leaves

Cats will always find the morning sun. 🙂

Verdibou_Louie in the Leaves


Verdibou’s Photo Shoot Secret!

Have you ever wondered where we stage our photos?  It might look like an industrial warehouse or a chic hipster studio…but, yeah, it’s not.  It’s Whitney’s garage!!  It’s the perfect neutral backdrop and gets great sunlight in the late morning/early afternoon, which is key for awesome photos.  I like the contrast of the peg board and white CMU block so you’ll notice that I try to capture a bit of the peg board in some of the photos.

Verdibou_Photo Shoot Location

I’ve even been known to leave some of the tools in the shot. It adds personality, don’t you think?  Do you have any quirky photography tips and tricks?  If so, please share!  I’ve started a new Pinterest Board for just this purpose.  It never hurts to surround yourself with lots of inspiration.  If you’d like to follow my pins, here’s the link to the board: http://pinterest.com/verdibou/photography-lessons/

002_Cloud 9 to 5 Collection ShotHave a great weekend!


{In Images} Fresh Market, Fresh Flowers

There’s a new Fresh Market in my neighborhood and I have a feeling it’s going to be really difficult not to buy fresh flowers every time I go there.  They were all so beautiful, I wanted to bring them all home with me…but I settled for just one bunch. 🙂

Summer Bouquet 2 by VerdiBou

Summer Bouquet by VerdiBou

Summer Bouquet3 by VerdiBou

{In Images} Summer Buds

I do apologize for being absent!  We will have shop updates next weekend after my third ARE exam is out of the way.  I will say that we have some adorable vintage chairs that will be featured in our Summer Collection!  I can’t wait to share them with you.  Maybe next weekend I’ll also have some fresh blooms to show off. 🙂

Spring Greens

We rode our bikes to the Eola Farmer’s Market over the weekend and picked up some fresh green beans.  Snapping them reminded me of my grandmother.  My sisters and I would run around her backyard while the adults sat snapping bean after bean into big bowls until the sun set over the farm.  A very good memory.

If you’re looking for a great recipe, try the Pioneer Woman’s here.

{In Images} Mini Vacation

Maybe you’ve been wondering where Verdibou has been lately…

I’ve been very busy with work, not to mention studying for my exams every moment I can sneak in.  Last weekend we hit the road to Daytona Beach for some much needed R & R.  It was a nice get-away, complete with people-watching, a trip to the local flea market, lots of yummy seafood, and watching Kentucky basketball during the Madness.