In My Home {Vintage} Christmas Ornaments

I’ve acquired most of my ornaments over the years from big box retailers but my favorite ones are vintage, of course!  A few years ago my grandmother told us (the grand-daughters) to go through her holiday decorations and take what we wanted.  So, we divided them up and I scored some really cool (and really creepy) Santa and Elf ornaments.  I think they add loads of charm and character to my tree. 😉

What makes your tree special to you??


And now, Christmas Mania!

My apologies for not blogging this week, Folks!  I’ve been busy decorating the tree and recovering from my trip home to Kentucky for Thanksgiving.

Here’s a sneak peak of the tree!  Let me just say, I never liked my mother’s rule about one ornament per branch. 😉  Happy Decorating!

Bring out the Cheer!

I’m slowly bringing out the cheer for the holidays!  Traditionally I wait until after Thanksgiving to get the Christmas decorations out but a few weeks ago Whitney and I were photographing our Mad Men Holiday Collection and we had to bust out some vintage ornaments to stage with our finds.  It didn’t make sense to put them all away only to bring them out again shortly thereafter.  So, I have some Christmas cheer sprinkled around the house already.

This heart “ornament” isn’t really an ornament at all, but a gift tag I found at IKEA.  I think they’re nice enough to put on a tree or just hang around different objects in the house.  And they aren’t overtly holiday themed so I might just leave this little guy out year round. 😉