October’s End.

It’s okay to eat lots of candy tonight! ¬†It totally doesn’t count!! ūüėČ


Something Old, Something New

Something handmade, and something blue YELLOW!

This was my Halloween costume, folks. ¬†What do you think? ¬†It was a lot of fun to assemble these pieces. ¬†Thanks to Salvaged Strawberry, I found this cute vintage dress, which was just the perfect color! ¬†The belt adds a touch of retro flare, and reminds me of Sesame Street (I think it’s the color combo, but can’t quite put my finger on it).

The best part is that the shoes and dress go right into my wardrobe, to wear again. ¬†I am just left wondering, “To what occasion(s) can I wear a Big Bird headband”…I’ll let you know if I come up with anything. ūüėČ

Halloween Mayhem

It is Full-Blown Halloween Mayhem at my household! ¬†Yesterday we picked up some fine pumpkins at the Eola Farmer’s Market. ¬†I can’t wait to carve them, but I want them to last at least until the 31st. ¬†So, I’m resisting the temptation to cut those babies open. ¬†Luckily I spied some battery operated lanterns that put off an eery glow in the darkness. ¬†This is enough SPOOK to hold me over until carving time.

Happy Haunting!


It is just October. ¬†I have to keep reminding myself. ¬†This weekend I got pretty excited about the holiday season that’s fast approaching. ¬†Not only were Whitney and I shopping for vintage holiday finds for our winter collection, but the air was CRISP! and COOL! ¬†In contrast to the wall of heat and humidity that usually greets me as I’m stepping outside in the morning, this week I’ve shivered (ever so slightly) as I opened the door. ¬†And I love it. ¬†That means boots, and sweaters, and scarves! ¬†Yes, yes, and yes!!

Listen, I’m not the only one getting ahead of myself. ¬†IKEA already has December in sight. ¬†I breezed through¬†I went to IKEA and tried desperately not to look at EVERYTHING. ¬†And I did a pretty good job until the very end before the checkout lines. ¬†They had all of their new Christmas/Hanukkah decorations in a grande display of twinkling lights, modern stockings and sparkling ornaments. ¬†I got REALLY excited! ¬†But it’s only October! ¬†Darn you, IKEA.

I will enjoy October and not think about Christmas.  I will enjoy October and not think about Christmas.  I will enjoy October and not think about Christmas.  I will enjoy October and not think about Christmas.  I will enjoy October and not think about Christmas!

November and December will be here soon enough.

And in honor of October, a spooky Tuesday’s Treasury,¬†“Not Your Candy Corn Halloween”.

What?  Did you think I passed up those twinkling lights?