The Calm

Bringing my small plants inside today so they don’t get swept away by Isaac.


In My Home {Etsy}

Did anyone notice that bright coral wall behind me in my Big Bird photos?  And did you think…”Where in the heck is she standing?”  That would be my kitchen/dining nook!  It is Behr’s “Cool Lava” and it really adds a punch PUNCH of color against my other neutral walls.  After painting it, however, I realized that I didn’t have any art that would really sing against it.  I have some black and white NYC photographs but they weren’t quite right.

Then (while drifting about on Etsy) I happened upon Nature No3 by Eloise Renouf.  I fell in love with the print before it even dawned on me that it would look great against my Cool Lava wall.  I think it’s pretty perfect!!

 What do you think?  Would you ever pick this wall color? 😉