Snow Covered Christmas Tree

E wanted a real Christmas tree this year so we brought one home this week.  It makes the house smell so wonderful I think it might be our new standard.  I decided to keep it simple and only add a few clear ornaments, which I already had, and decorate it with hand-cut white paper snowflakes.  I cut a few new ones each night so by the 25th, we should be having a White Christmas even though we’re in Florida. 😉

Verdibou Simple Christmas Tree


Color Talk {The Purple House}

For the past year, E and I have been tackling small projects around the house and it is finally starting to come together (at least the exterior, that is).  I’m hoping to “reveal” the backyard/deck transformation in a coming post very soon.  But first, I thought I’d share our most recent update, which was having a fresh coat of paint put on the house.

E had the house painted about 7 or 8 years ago, a nice “eggplant” purple but after years in the Florida sun, it had started to fade (especially in the backyard where it gets direct sunlight throughout the day).  So, the once eggplant house had turned into more of a burgundy/brown color and was looking a little sad.

Instead of keeping the purple toward the red side of the spectrum, I thought a nice deeper shade toward the blue family would really brighten things up and add some pizzazz.  The color is Behr’s Eclectic Purple.  Bold and Beautiful.  Here are a few peaks.

(More photos and projects to come in the next few weeks)

Verdibou_Behr Eclectic Purple_Roofline

Verdibou_Behr Eclectic Purple_Front Porch

Verdibou_Behr Eclectic Purple_Bromeliads

In My Home {Vintage} Outdoor Table

Recently, I found this sweet cast aluminum table at an estate sale.  It will look great against the eggplant purple house that we’re moving into in August and will be a nice spot to sip coffee on a Sunday morning…

NOT In My Home {Vintage} Arco Lamp

The One that Got Away.

On Saturday evening I went to an estate sale here in Orlando after perusing some online photos of the merchandise.  In the photos I saw something I desperately wanted for the shop (or for my own home).  It is one of those classic mid-century designs that you rarely find at flea markets or estate sales…the arco floor lamp.

This lamp was designed by the Castiglioni brothers in 1962 and is the epitome of retro modern style, which can often be spotted in design magazines.  The lamp is still in production by reputable companies like Design Within Reach, but at very lofty prices!  There are many knock-off versions of the lamp as well, many do not have a marble base or the “arch” is not quite as elegant and bowed as the original.  The one at the auction had a brass finish and was not an exact match to this original design, but a beautiful lamp nonetheless.  It did have a marble base but the base was not as tall as the one shown above.  These knock-offs still fetch between $300-$500 or more.

So, here’s the thing about Estate Sales.  It’s good practice to determine what you intend to bid on before the auction begins and you have to establish your price “limit.”  Otherwise, you can get caught up in the excitement of bidding and pay too much for an item.  It’s also a MUST to arrive at the auction in plenty of time to inspect the items up close during the “preview” hours.  Items are sold AS IS so you want to know exactly what you’re paying for. Okay, so the sad reality is that I did NOT win the bid.  I had to stop bidding after it surpassed the amount I was willing to pay for it.  I’m pretty sure the buyers wanted it for their own home because it was the only item they were bidding on.  They were obviously on a mission, like me.  So, I’m pretty sure it went to a good home, one that appreciates a good vintage mid-century find…but I’ll admit that I’m still a little heartbroken.

There will always be more estate sales…and more treasures in the future.

But darn it, I wanted that lamp! 😉


In My Home {Handmade} Crewel Work

I visit the Etsy website several times a day.  I equate it to “window shopping” and thoroughly enjoy finding new and interesting handmade and vintage items.  It just never gets old, or at least it hasn’t yet.  I find it just as interesting to read about the different sellers on Etsy under the “Featured Seller” section.  Reading the interviews always leaves me feeling inspired and renews my passion for my own shop, Verdibou!

Some of the questions that are asked of the sellers are really cute, like, “What would be the title of your memoir and why?”  The answers that people give are very amusing.  My favorite question, however, is “What handmade possession do you most cherish?”

Every time I read the question, I immediately think of my most cherished possession: a framed piece of crewel work given to me by my maternal grandmother just a few years ago.  It was actually a trade, of sorts.  I was taking an intaglio printmaking class at the time.  Naturally, mothers and grandmothers always have first pick of any artwork generated by their offspring. 😉  So, I gave her one of my prints that she liked, and she gave me this.

It was handmade by my great-great-great-grandmother.  How incredible is that?  On the back, my grandmother typed up a small piece of paper which describes who made it (Margaret Anna Lydick) and how it was passed down through the generations to her.  It is the most beautiful piece of art I will ever own.

What’s your most cherished handmade possession?

In My Home {Vintage} Bent Plywood Chair

I had to share with you my latest find, and this one was a “finder’s keeper’s” because I’m not letting go of this one!  (Well, maybe not until I find another one that I love even more.) 😉  What I love about this one is the contrast between the bent plywood and the metal legs.  The cutout detail along the back gives it an extra touch of modern pizzazz.  With this detail, I guess it could actually be hung on the wall for easy storage in small apartments, like the Shakers used to do to get their chairs off the floor and out of the way.

Speaking of the Shakers…check out the Pick Chair by Dror Benshetrit, I’m assuming it was inspired by this very concept.  Soooooo cool.  Click on the link to watch a video of the wood folding up to form the chair!

In My Home {Old & New} Santa and Stockings

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

A little mix of old and new on the mantle:

Vintage papier mache Santa courtesy of my grandmother’s attic.

Vintage Danish Modern Candleholders (for sale here.) Hey, until they’ve sold I might as well enjoy them myself!

The Construction of the Eiffel Tower print courtesy of Whitney’s trip to Paris several years ago.  (Thanks, Whitney!)  I considered taking it down for the holiday season and finding something more festive but “E” said, “Why?  It’s Christmas in Paris too.”  I thought that was a good point so I left it where it was.

Handcrafted Letter Ornaments from West Elm.  Now on sale for $2!  These ornaments can be used for so many different things this season!  I like West Elm’s suggestions of personalizing a gift or spelling out a meaningful word.  So many wonderful possibilities!  I’ve used them to designate stockings.  Afterall, I don’t want Santa getting confused and putting coal in the wrong one. 😉

How’s your mantle shaping up this season?