Fall is in the air…

Some lovely flowers in a lovely bottle.  Here’s to a cool October.  😉


So cool…

A couple of weeks ago we sold our turquoise suitcase to a lovely lady in Canada.  (That’s right, our first international sale!)  And today we got the neatest message from the buyer that said she’d received it, and loves it.  She left a link to her blog where she photographed it in it’s new home and described how she’s going to use it.  (No, it’s not to store her cute little baby in!)  Go check it out…it’s so sweet!

In the clouds

As we were assembling our first collection, Cloud 9 to 5, I couldn’t help but think of flying.  In particular, I kept thinking about the movie Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.  DiCaprio’s character impersonates a Pan Am pilot for a good portion of the movie, while the detective (Tom Hanks) continually searches for him.  At one point in the film, DiCaprio’s character walks right past detectives in an airport, camouflaged by a barrage of Pan Am flight attendants in a sea of blue and white uniforms.

The new commercials for Pan Am, the television show, have kept the brand (and the blue and white color scheme) on my mind.  Don’t you think our chair would have looked great in Pan Am’s corporate offices?  (P.S. We only have one chair left!)

It’s not just the color scheme that has me “in the clouds,” but now we have a new item that would be perfect on your next air travel adventure!  A turquoise Samsonite suitcase!  I’m really loving this find and I took great pride in reupholstering the interior.  The fabric I chose adds an unexpected pop of geometric goodness.  We’ll be posting it to our shop soon (along with the lamp and platter), so be sure to check back with us!

I spy…

Happy Monday, Folks!

VerdiBOU had a busy weekend!  We found some great new items at an estate sale near Ocala, FL.  Some of the items are so cute that we are tempted to keep them for ourselves, but we’ve decided to share the vintage love! (Once they are properly cleaned and updated, that is.)

If you haven’t noticed, not all of our staging items for our Collection shots are actually for sale in our Etsy shop.  Some of the props are part of our own personal “Collections” and they help tie the look together into a cohesive ensemble.  I wanted to call attention to one piece in particular…“August Bath” by Clare Elsaesser of tastesorangey.  (don’t you love that shop name?)

The navy background and dark teal frame really add to the depth of the blue scheme we’ve been working with in this Collection and the wood of the peg board highlights the flesh tones in the art.  Truthfully, the look really wasn’t feeling complete until I grabbed this print!

So, a big Thank You to Clare for allowing us to use her print to complete our Cloud 9 to 5 look!  Go check out her lovely work on Etsy at tasteorangey and be sure to look at the details…her prints are sewn around the edges and I think it adds a personal touch to each piece.

Have a great week and stop by again soon! 😉