Color Theory: Orange

My living room has never been so cheerful!  Last weekend Verdibou purchased the coolest set of orange airport seats and they’ve been sitting in my living room all week.  Every night when I come home, I catch a glimpse of the bright orange and it makes me smile – partially because I think it’s funny that my living room looks like a bus station with all those seats but also because orange is such a fun, stimulating color.  I’m partial to the cooler end of the spectrum myself, gravitating towards greens and purples and grays…but having all this orange around me is a nice change of pace.

I looked up some of the color psychology of orange, and here are some of the words associated with the color:

Uplifting, Optimistic, Rejuvenates the Spirit, Brings Spontaneity and a Positive Outlook on Life

What a great color to have around!  Click on the photo to go to the listing.

Verdibou_Orange Airport Chairs 01


Vintage Industrial Chrome Office Chair

I had to share with you our newest listing, this industrial “Christmas Green” side chair.  So retro, I just love it!

[click on the photo to go to the listing]

Verdibou_Industrial Green Chair 04More Verdibou chairs here: Vintage Chairs

Verdibou Before & After: Vintage Danish Modern Chairs

I love all of the vintage treasures we purchase for the Verdibou shop, but the items I love the most are the ones we transform before putting them up for sale.  I find great satisfaction in refinishing or upcycling products so that there life cycle is lengthened.  With that said, I present to you my new favorite Verdibou Before and After!

These Danish Style Mid-Century Teak Chairs were in pretty good shape when we found them but the brown vinyl, though durable, was not showcasing the chairs’ design and was blending in with the teak wood:

We revamped the upholstery and think it suits the chair much better!  What do you think?

We posted the pair this evening, click this link to go to the listing: Danish Modern Chairs

Have a Safe & Happy Fourth of July!!

In My Home {Vintage} Bent Plywood Chair

I had to share with you my latest find, and this one was a “finder’s keeper’s” because I’m not letting go of this one!  (Well, maybe not until I find another one that I love even more.) 😉  What I love about this one is the contrast between the bent plywood and the metal legs.  The cutout detail along the back gives it an extra touch of modern pizzazz.  With this detail, I guess it could actually be hung on the wall for easy storage in small apartments, like the Shakers used to do to get their chairs off the floor and out of the way.

Speaking of the Shakers…check out the Pick Chair by Dror Benshetrit, I’m assuming it was inspired by this very concept.  Soooooo cool.  Click on the link to watch a video of the wood folding up to form the chair!

New Additions to Fall 4 Me

We’ve added to our inventory this evening!  Technically it’s not winter yet so we are still building our Fall 4 Me Collection as we find appropriate items.  This brown vinyl chair is super comfy and would look great in an office or as a side chair in any living space.  Who doesn’t need more seating?  And it’s neutral, which means it will go with just about any color scheme.

  The next piece is great for entertaining!  Perfect for vegetables, dip, salsa, you name it.  And the color!  Oh, the color.  J’adore.

You can find the listings under our shop section, Fall 4 Me.