Put a Bird On It! Michelle Morin’s Watercolor Pillows

Some time ago, I purchased this little Owl print on Etsy via UnitedThread by Michelle Morin. Michelle’s watercolors are so enchantingly vivid and beautiful that I wanted one in my home, to not only remind me to see the beauty in nature but for inspiration from an artist who has met her calling.

Today after work, I stopped by the mall to drop off a box at the Post Office and wandered down to Anthropologie – a store that always uplifts me because it is filled with so many beautiful and quirky curiosities.  I walked by one of their lovely sofas and saw something familiar…it was “my” little owl perched on a pillow.  It was odd to see him there.  I instantly got excited for my fellow Etsy Seller.  What a thrill it must be to see your art in a major retailer like Anthropologie.  It reminded me that the world is small.  And to aim for the stars. Way to go, Michelle!

{Click on the photo for the link to the pillows.}

Michelle Morin Bird PillowAnd because I recently started watching Portlandia, I couldn’t resist linking to this skit, “Put a Bird On It!” Too funny. 🙂




In My Home {Handmade} Crewel Work

I visit the Etsy website several times a day.  I equate it to “window shopping” and thoroughly enjoy finding new and interesting handmade and vintage items.  It just never gets old, or at least it hasn’t yet.  I find it just as interesting to read about the different sellers on Etsy under the “Featured Seller” section.  Reading the interviews always leaves me feeling inspired and renews my passion for my own shop, Verdibou!

Some of the questions that are asked of the sellers are really cute, like, “What would be the title of your memoir and why?”  The answers that people give are very amusing.  My favorite question, however, is “What handmade possession do you most cherish?”

Every time I read the question, I immediately think of my most cherished possession: a framed piece of crewel work given to me by my maternal grandmother just a few years ago.  It was actually a trade, of sorts.  I was taking an intaglio printmaking class at the time.  Naturally, mothers and grandmothers always have first pick of any artwork generated by their offspring. 😉  So, I gave her one of my prints that she liked, and she gave me this.

It was handmade by my great-great-great-grandmother.  How incredible is that?  On the back, my grandmother typed up a small piece of paper which describes who made it (Margaret Anna Lydick) and how it was passed down through the generations to her.  It is the most beautiful piece of art I will ever own.

What’s your most cherished handmade possession?

In My Home {Etsy}

Apartment dwelling is a challenge.  If you are not a homeowner, you might be able to relate.  It’s sometimes hard to motivate yourself to embrace your apartment and make it your own.  And it’s also a struggle to determine how much time and effort (and money) you should put into a place that you might only be staying in for one or two years.  Of course, you’re limited to what you can do to the property anyway. It’s always been important for me to be able to paint the walls and hang some art, though!

Yesterday I felt a small sense of accomplishment by framing and hanging a few prints on the wall.  The top piece was made by Brooklyn artist, Tallah Lempert.  Her shop is appropriately called, “Bicycle Paintings” and I just love her style.  I bought this as a gift a while back for my main squeeze, whose hobby is cycling.

The lower print is called “Frosted Fakes” by Keith P. Rein.  I bought that one for myself! 😉  I have a slight obsession with the female figure.  Combine that with illustration, a touch of humor and some major attitude and I just couldn’t pass this one up!  You can check out his shop but I must warn you that most of his illustrations are very graphic in nature.

In My Home {Etsy}

Did anyone notice that bright coral wall behind me in my Big Bird photos?  And did you think…”Where in the heck is she standing?”  That would be my kitchen/dining nook!  It is Behr’s “Cool Lava” and it really adds a punch PUNCH of color against my other neutral walls.  After painting it, however, I realized that I didn’t have any art that would really sing against it.  I have some black and white NYC photographs but they weren’t quite right.

Then (while drifting about on Etsy) I happened upon Nature No3 by Eloise Renouf.  I fell in love with the print before it even dawned on me that it would look great against my Cool Lava wall.  I think it’s pretty perfect!!

 What do you think?  Would you ever pick this wall color? 😉

I spy…

Happy Monday, Folks!

VerdiBOU had a busy weekend!  We found some great new items at an estate sale near Ocala, FL.  Some of the items are so cute that we are tempted to keep them for ourselves, but we’ve decided to share the vintage love! (Once they are properly cleaned and updated, that is.)

If you haven’t noticed, not all of our staging items for our Collection shots are actually for sale in our Etsy shop.  Some of the props are part of our own personal “Collections” and they help tie the look together into a cohesive ensemble.  I wanted to call attention to one piece in particular…“August Bath” by Clare Elsaesser of tastesorangey.  (don’t you love that shop name?)

The navy background and dark teal frame really add to the depth of the blue scheme we’ve been working with in this Collection and the wood of the peg board highlights the flesh tones in the art.  Truthfully, the look really wasn’t feeling complete until I grabbed this print!

So, a big Thank You to Clare for allowing us to use her print to complete our Cloud 9 to 5 look!  Go check out her lovely work on Etsy at tasteorangey and be sure to look at the details…her prints are sewn around the edges and I think it adds a personal touch to each piece.

Have a great week and stop by again soon! 😉