Verdibou’s Photo Shoot Secret!

Have you ever wondered where we stage our photos?  It might look like an industrial warehouse or a chic hipster studio…but, yeah, it’s not.  It’s Whitney’s garage!!  It’s the perfect neutral backdrop and gets great sunlight in the late morning/early afternoon, which is key for awesome photos.  I like the contrast of the peg board and white CMU block so you’ll notice that I try to capture a bit of the peg board in some of the photos.

Verdibou_Photo Shoot Location

I’ve even been known to leave some of the tools in the shot. It adds personality, don’t you think?  Do you have any quirky photography tips and tricks?  If so, please share!  I’ve started a new Pinterest Board for just this purpose.  It never hurts to surround yourself with lots of inspiration.  If you’d like to follow my pins, here’s the link to the board:

002_Cloud 9 to 5 Collection ShotHave a great weekend!



Verdibou Sneak Peak: More Vintage Luggage!

I’ll be posting this and other new items to our shop in the next few days!  I’ll also share with you my process of re-upholstering these suitcases in an upcoming blog post.  Stay tuned. 😉

If you missed our other vintage luggage, click on the images below to see the past Etsy listings.

So cool…

A couple of weeks ago we sold our turquoise suitcase to a lovely lady in Canada.  (That’s right, our first international sale!)  And today we got the neatest message from the buyer that said she’d received it, and loves it.  She left a link to her blog where she photographed it in it’s new home and described how she’s going to use it.  (No, it’s not to store her cute little baby in!)  Go check it out…it’s so sweet!


[A fellow featured listing, Carnival Ride Photo from Elgarboart]

We’re so excited that our items are being featured in Etsy treasuries!  I am a bit of a treasury fanatic, myself.  During my lunch hour I can usually be found combing through the recent treasuries.  I love seeing interesting color combinations and exciting themes.  Here‘s one of my favorites so far.

Thanks, 33Oranges for the lovely curating!

In the clouds

As we were assembling our first collection, Cloud 9 to 5, I couldn’t help but think of flying.  In particular, I kept thinking about the movie Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.  DiCaprio’s character impersonates a Pan Am pilot for a good portion of the movie, while the detective (Tom Hanks) continually searches for him.  At one point in the film, DiCaprio’s character walks right past detectives in an airport, camouflaged by a barrage of Pan Am flight attendants in a sea of blue and white uniforms.

The new commercials for Pan Am, the television show, have kept the brand (and the blue and white color scheme) on my mind.  Don’t you think our chair would have looked great in Pan Am’s corporate offices?  (P.S. We only have one chair left!)

It’s not just the color scheme that has me “in the clouds,” but now we have a new item that would be perfect on your next air travel adventure!  A turquoise Samsonite suitcase!  I’m really loving this find and I took great pride in reupholstering the interior.  The fabric I chose adds an unexpected pop of geometric goodness.  We’ll be posting it to our shop soon (along with the lamp and platter), so be sure to check back with us!