About Verdibou

VerdiBou is a collaborative endeavor between two sisters, Whitney & Katie.  At VerdiBou, vintage items are first discovered (the most exciting part!), and then repaired or embellished depending on the item’s condition.  VerdiBou presents their items as Collections here on the blog and for purchase in their Etsy shop.  Katie, a designer, is the creative engine behind the Collections while Whitney, an industrial engineer, is the grounded planner.

VerdiBou is pronounced vare-dee-boo, but don’t be afraid to pronounce it differently.  😉  The name was developed by combining the Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian word for green, verde, with an abbreviated “bou” for boutique.  A similar word, verdigris, which is the term used for the greenish patina of aged copper more closely aligns with the spelling and annunciation of the shop.  It is fitting, as VerdiBou sells “aged” or vintage goods and the association with “green” promotes buying vintage items as a great way to curate a sustainable home.  Of course, Whitney & Katie don’t expect people to buy solely vintage items (they don’t themselves), however, the longer items are kept from going into landfills, the better!!

In the black bar located at the top of the page, you can learn more about VerdiBou.

Collections: The Collections page features the past and current Collections.  You may choose a Collection from the drop-down menu, which will direct you to blog posts associated with that particular Collection. Or you may choose to just click on the Collections link, which directs you to a summary page of all the Collections to date.

Tuesday’s Treasury: The Tuesday’s Treasury link displays the Etsy treasuries curated by Katie on a weekly basis.  The inspiration for themes vary but can often be attributed to seasonal changes, trendy color palettes, room specific design ideas, or derived from personal events happening in the VerdiBou World.  Katie enjoys curating Etsy treasuries because it not only gets her creative juices flowing but it’s a great way to promote other Etsy Sellers and their great products!

In My Home: The In My Home series contains blog posts featuring vintage or handmade items that Whitney & Katie have in their own dwellings.  They are fascinated by how people live and with what objects they surround themselves.  If you’re like them, you might find these posts interesting!  VerdiBou would like to start featuring items that their readers have in their own homes.  If you have a special handmade or vintage item that you’d like to be featured on the blog, please email Whitney & Katie at verdibou[at]gmail[dot]com.

VerdiBou Stars:  Our latest menu item, the VerdiBou Stars illustrates the locations where VerdiBou vintage items have found new homes.  VerdiBou supports local shopping, but realizes that it’s a global market out there.  More than ever, through the internet and the Etsy marketplace, sellers can reach a broader audience and buyers, likewise, are able to search worldwide for a particular product.  This supports the growth of small businesses and VerdiBou is excited to see how their stars will disperse around the globe in the coming months and years!

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments!


3 thoughts on “About Verdibou

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  2. I received my Norquist 110 chair. It matches perfectly the other eight I have. If you find 3 more I would love them. I have a table that seats 12 so I need more. Thanks

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