Color Talk {The Purple House}

For the past year, E and I have been tackling small projects around the house and it is finally starting to come together (at least the exterior, that is).  I’m hoping to “reveal” the backyard/deck transformation in a coming post very soon.  But first, I thought I’d share our most recent update, which was having a fresh coat of paint put on the house.

E had the house painted about 7 or 8 years ago, a nice “eggplant” purple but after years in the Florida sun, it had started to fade (especially in the backyard where it gets direct sunlight throughout the day).  So, the once eggplant house had turned into more of a burgundy/brown color and was looking a little sad.

Instead of keeping the purple toward the red side of the spectrum, I thought a nice deeper shade toward the blue family would really brighten things up and add some pizzazz.  The color is Behr’s Eclectic Purple.  Bold and Beautiful.  Here are a few peaks.

(More photos and projects to come in the next few weeks)

Verdibou_Behr Eclectic Purple_Roofline

Verdibou_Behr Eclectic Purple_Front Porch

Verdibou_Behr Eclectic Purple_Bromeliads


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