Put a Bird On It! Michelle Morin’s Watercolor Pillows

Some time ago, I purchased this little Owl print on Etsy via UnitedThread by Michelle Morin. Michelle’s watercolors are so enchantingly vivid and beautiful that I wanted one in my home, to not only remind me to see the beauty in nature but for inspiration from an artist who has met her calling.

Today after work, I stopped by the mall to drop off a box at the Post Office and wandered down to Anthropologie – a store that always uplifts me because it is filled with so many beautiful and quirky curiosities.  I walked by one of their lovely sofas and saw something familiar…it was “my” little owl perched on a pillow.  It was odd to see him there.  I instantly got excited for my fellow Etsy Seller.  What a thrill it must be to see your art in a major retailer like Anthropologie.  It reminded me that the world is small.  And to aim for the stars. Way to go, Michelle!

{Click on the photo for the link to the pillows.}

Michelle Morin Bird PillowAnd because I recently started watching Portlandia, I couldn’t resist linking to this skit, “Put a Bird On It!” Too funny. 🙂




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