DIY: Cast Iron Bench Revamp

About 6 years ago, my sister and I were rummaging through the loft of my grandfather’s barn, looking for treasures.  And I found this:

Verdibou_Iron Cat Bench Before

A quirky cast iron bench frame with two black cats fighting on a picket fence!  I knew it had potential so I snagged it, and sadly, it’s been awaiting it’s make-over ever since.  Hey, I’ve been busy the last 6 years, okay!  Before it made the journey out of storage in Kentucky to my new home of Florida, my awesome dad was kind enough to cut down a board to the size of the seat.  Thanks, Dad!  And then it sat in my house for a few months…I intentionally kept it visible and not hidden away so that I wouldn’t forget about it and finally a few weeks ago it was time to get out my sanding tools and buy some black spray paint.

Verdibou_Iron Cat Bench_ProgressVerdibou_Iron Cat Bench_Progress 2I finished it up today, first stapling some leftover batting for a little cushioning.  Then, ironing and wrapping some gray indoor/outdoor fabric around the seat.  It was a little tricky because the bolts were right in the way on both ends.  So, I tucked the fabric in as close as I could to the bolts and then wrapped the long edges as you would normally when upholstering a chair seat.  It took a little origami skills but it wasn’t anything too difficult.

Verdibou_Cast Iron Bench 07

Verdibou_Cast Iron Bench RevampAnd here it is!  I think it’s much happier now. 😉

Verdibou_Cast Iron Bench Final 02Verdibou_Cast Iron Bench Final 01

Enjoy this Labor Day Weekend!


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