Verdibou’s Photo Shoot Secret!

Have you ever wondered where we stage our photos?  It might look like an industrial warehouse or a chic hipster studio…but, yeah, it’s not.  It’s Whitney’s garage!!  It’s the perfect neutral backdrop and gets great sunlight in the late morning/early afternoon, which is key for awesome photos.  I like the contrast of the peg board and white CMU block so you’ll notice that I try to capture a bit of the peg board in some of the photos.

Verdibou_Photo Shoot Location

I’ve even been known to leave some of the tools in the shot. It adds personality, don’t you think?  Do you have any quirky photography tips and tricks?  If so, please share!  I’ve started a new Pinterest Board for just this purpose.  It never hurts to surround yourself with lots of inspiration.  If you’d like to follow my pins, here’s the link to the board:

002_Cloud 9 to 5 Collection ShotHave a great weekend!



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