In My Home {Etsy}

Apartment dwelling is a challenge.  If you are not a homeowner, you might be able to relate.  It’s sometimes hard to motivate yourself to embrace your apartment and make it your own.  And it’s also a struggle to determine how much time and effort (and money) you should put into a place that you might only be staying in for one or two years.  Of course, you’re limited to what you can do to the property anyway. It’s always been important for me to be able to paint the walls and hang some art, though!

Yesterday I felt a small sense of accomplishment by framing and hanging a few prints on the wall.  The top piece was made by Brooklyn artist, Tallah Lempert.  Her shop is appropriately called, “Bicycle Paintings” and I just love her style.  I bought this as a gift a while back for my main squeeze, whose hobby is cycling.

The lower print is called “Frosted Fakes” by Keith P. Rein.  I bought that one for myself! 😉  I have a slight obsession with the female figure.  Combine that with illustration, a touch of humor and some major attitude and I just couldn’t pass this one up!  You can check out his shop but I must warn you that most of his illustrations are very graphic in nature.


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