In My Home {Vintage}

I. Love. My. Sofa.

It is old and has lots of character.  It might creak when you sit in it, but actually it’s quite comfortable.  Mostly I love it because it’s been in my family for years.  I used to think it was my grandmother’s but recently Dad told me that it was first his grandmother’s, my great-grandmother’s sofa.  Many people, including myself, love vintage objects because they’re so mysterious and have such rich histories.  It makes something extra-special if you can claim that history as your own.  Instead of wondering who used to own it, use it and love it, I do know who sat on this sofa.

Before my furniture made “the move” down to Florida from Kentucky, I had the sofa re-upholstered.  I’d been dying to put a bold graphic pattern on it for a long time and Mom and I found this great fabric in a little shop in Lexington, KY called “The Rag Peddler.”  The best part is that it’s indoor/outdoor fabric, which means the Florida sun won’t fade it and the cat’s hair won’t stick to it! I just love the way it turned out.  Bold, beautiful and just a tad bohemian! 😉

Here’s a before shot, taken from my Cincinnati apartment while I was in graduate school.

It wasn’t too terrible, but not exactly the look I was going for.  My grandmother had it upholstered in this fabric more than twenty years ago so it was time for an update.  Not to mention the fact that the corduroy-like texture of the material clung to cat’s hair like no other.

Want the Look?  Here are some sources for inspiration when it comes to bold upholstery:

Anthropologie has really expanded their furniture line recently!  You can always find a couple of “statement” pieces amidst their more traditional furnishings.  I am really digging this Louisa Settee! (see below) And if you’re going for ultra-feminine-shabby-chic, you’ll love the Ditte Sofa.

Spruce Home.  It’s sometimes hard to envision how a pattern repeat will work on a large upholstery piece, but they usually hit the nail upholstery tack on the head!  Here’s one of my favorites below.  AND they’ve also been known to use Skinny Laminx fabrics, which are always TO DIE FOR! (for example)Another Etsy artist, David Ballinger of Metro Sofa has some really funky and “mod” upholstery pieces. I love the ones with a graphic stripe of contrasting fabric like this one.  It looks totally custom and one-of-a-kind.  It’s like investing in a great piece of art, don’t you think?  Speaking of art, this sofa really needs an original Lichtenstein above it…(drooling at the thought).

Well, what’s your opinion?  Would you ever commit yourself to one of these daring sofas?  Don’t get me wrong, I love a stark white or neutral on neutral color scheme just as much as the next modern girl but you’ve got to have a little spice in your life, am I right? 😉


8 thoughts on “In My Home {Vintage}

  1. Nice. I’ve always wanted a bold couch or chair but it seems like I never have the right spot for it. We do however have a mirror in our living room that was Sarah’s grandparents.(probably not as much history as the couch because it was sitting unused in their basement) Anyway we painted it bright red and it has gotten many compliments.

    • Hey Ryan! How’s that sweet baby girl? I guess she’s almost a toddler now…geez.

      I’d love to see a pic of the mirror! Paint is definitely the easiest way to update a vintage find. I debated whether or not to stain or paint this sofa but I knew I’d regret it later (you can always change the fabric but not so much on the staining of wood…)

  2. I just ADORE your couch – especially it’s revamped look! (And, as always, your style in general in Fabulous!!)

    Totally copying you and Whit and going to start making etsy Treasuries. Might as well, I’m always on there looking for cute stuff anyway. 😉

    • Thanks, Abbey! Do it! Although, I have to warn you that treasuries are totally addictive and you should pace yourself. The first day I curated a treasury, I proceeded to do 2 or 3 more the same day!

      Now I give myself a maximum of one per day. 😉

      • Yeah, I was just thinking that this was going to be a problem. As soon as I finished my first, I thought, “What’s the harm in making another one…or two…or seven.”

        I really was supposed to clean the house tonight. Oh Well…not gonna happen now! 😉

  3. I was just wondering the other day where that sofa went! I love the new upholstery! And actually, I think Mimi would like it, too!

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