A Short Hiatus

Hellooooo!  Whitney and I took a short hiatus from the blog this past week while we had family in town.  We were busy entertaining a special little munchkin named Taylor Kate (our niece), our sister, brother-in-law and father, otherwise known as Dad.

Disney, Sea World and Downtown Orlando were on the To Do list…and we hit them all.  Taylor met some princesses, learned a new matching game and got to touch some slimy sting rays!  Whitney and I probably had the most fun.  We only get to see our niece a few times a year since we moved away from our “Old Kentucky Home” and we love spending time with her, vying for Favorite Aunt.  It was a great week, complete with Dad doing some handiwork at each of our homes!  (Thanks, Dad!)

Even though we had a busy week, we still made time for some Verdibou thrifting.  We finally made it to a new thrift store in Ocoee and were pleasantly surprised!  There are several new Fall 4 Me items that we’ll be adding to our shop this week.  I just listed these folding chairs and will be posting the other new items in the next few days.  Don’t you love the color on these chairs! (I do.)  Even though they are easily stored, I think they’re cute enough to leave out all the time.  Of course, if you don’t have the room, they are great to pull out for extra seating at impromptu parties or for outdoor entertaining.

Check back later for some retro kitchenware, perfect for that vintage picnic you’ve been planning!!


2 thoughts on “A Short Hiatus

  1. I am loving these!!! That color is so spectacular. Oh why oh why must I be so chair obsessed. You know if I bring one more chair into the house, my Mr. may just keep the chairs but send me packing. 😉

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