In My Home {Handmade}

Happy Saturday, Y’all.  It’s raining cats and dogs here but so far I’m having an Oh So Poppy morning!  My good friend Tania, of Indobay Inc., is celebrating her birthday today.  So, as I was enjoying my morning cup a jo, I thought today was a great day to give a shout out to my friend and introduce you to her lovely line of handmade products.  Now, it is a great possibility that Tania is my only reader.  However, if you are not Tania and haven’t seen her work yet, I encourage you to check it out! 😉

 Her shop is filled with handmade domestic goods and they ALL make great gifts!  I just sent my sister, Lindsey, one of Tania’s tea towels as a housewarming present.  (I won the towel in one of Indobay’s Giveaways…a great reason to keep an eye on the Indobay blog!)

She’s constantly adding new products or updating old favorites.  As I was poking around her site this morning I found a new favorite of mine, a Screen-print of the Simple List, part of the Simple List Collection.  I am a total sucker for this yellow and grey color scheme!  What’s your Indobay favorite?


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