Tuesday’s Treasury: “Vintage picnic with You, In the Fall”

Hey, y’all.  I’ve got the “Fall 4 Me” picnic vibe on the brain and thought I’d do a little “picnic” browsing on Etsy this evening.  And, of course, I had to create a corresponding treasury!  What’s the fun in finding cute stuff if you don’t share it!

“Vintage picnic with You, In the Fall” is a narrative of my make-believe picnic in the park.  Those In attendance were, most notably, Barbie, along with some furry friends and a few un-welcomed guests.  Barbie had a few too many glasses of wine and by the end of the Fall gathering had really started to dish about Ken and the gang.  But her secrets are safe with this one.

And would you just look at these killer boots I was wearing!! 😉


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